Fluid Movement’s Water Ballet at Patterson Park Pool at Linwood & Pratt

Today’s ride took me down the hill and to the left to Patterson Park to meet friends for this year’s water ballet from Fluid Movement. I moved to Baltimore a week after the water ballet last year, and B. & G. were so sorry I was going to miss it, but now it’s this year, and I live in Baltimore now, so this time around I went to the water ballet. Nice. Anyway, the ride there was quick, and I saw the sky turn gray as I went. I got to the park, locked up to fence (because they don’t have a bike rack in front of the public pool at the public park, because why would you need something like that?), and waited for S. And then the sky turned inky and opened up. We waited, it kept raining, then it was just spitting, so we sat down and watched the show. There was a loose plot, some robots, a shocking amount of sparkly fabric and pink wigs, and a few hula hoops, like the one L. is diving through here. It was all in good fun, and I feel pretty darn lucky to live in world where people can get together on a volunteer basis and put on a show like this for their neighbors. And then it was a humid ride home, a stop for pizza with S. and two delightful new friends, riding home in the dark like the only person in the entire city. Sometimes that feels terrifically lonely, but other times it feels like home.

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