Gray Skies and a Blighted Building at Lloyd & Granby

Gray Skies and a Blighted Building at Lloyd & GranbyToday’s ride took me back down to BronyCon where I spent my day talking to people about why they’re Bronies (new friends, great show), whether girls are Bronies or Pegasisters (a more complicated debate than I expected), and who their favorite ponies are (Rainbow Dash comes up a lot). And then I got back on the bike and headed to the Patterson Park pool for my volunteer shift staring at t-shirt tags to find the smalls everyone wanted (or the extra larges–not a lot of in-between sizes at the water ballet today). Continue reading

Fluid Movement’s Water Ballet at Druid Hill Park Pool

Fluid Movement's Water Ballet at Druid Hill Park PoolAs N. and I rolled back into town from our epic journey to Rosedale, Maryland, she asked, “So, are you going to take a bike ride?” Maybe, I said, maybe not. I went ahead and took a ride–a short one–up to Druid Hill Park to check out Fluid Movement‘s water ballet inspired by Moby Dick. I took the street into the park to avoid what was sure to be a parking hassle. There were volunteers directing cars down and up a safety-coned street and others directing drivers straight up the hill. I went ahead and grabbed a parking spot right in front, smug bicyclist that I am, and got my ticket for the show. My favorite part of the show was just the fact that so many grown people would decide to devote this much time and energy to put on a water ballet. And also the youth diving team doing their show to this song. I grabbed a seat, read every single word and name in the program, and then enjoyed the conceit, the dances, the swimming, and the music. It’s just joy and that’s it, this show. A quick hour later and I was back on the bike, speeding the downhills home as the clouds rolled in. What a great weekend, eh?

Fluid Movement’s Water Ballet at Patterson Park Pool at Linwood & Pratt

Today’s ride took me down the hill and to the left to Patterson Park to meet friends for this year’s water ballet from Fluid Movement. I moved to Baltimore a week after the water ballet last year, and B. & G. were so sorry I was going to miss it, but now it’s this year, and I live in Baltimore now, so this time around I went to the water ballet. Nice. Continue reading

Adding Herstory to History at 39 Lexington on the Westside


Today’s bike ride took me down the hill to meet L. for breakfast in Fells Point and then some reading at the coffee shoppe. 10am is apparently very early for Baltimore City, because I just zoomed straight down the hill, passing just a couple of cars and a few people, but mostly I felt like the only person in town, and the street were mine. It was awesome. Afterward, I pedaled over to the Westside and past the busy crowds pouring out of Mariner Arena where the circus is in town~not my favorite event at all. I dodged pink-jacketed girls and sticky boys before taking a right on Lexington to the Maryland Women’s Heritage Center for my scheduled tour–nothing like a little civic history on a lazy Saturday afternoon. The Center is small right now, but the plans are big. There was a mix up, so the tour was self-guided. Folks lined up to read about Great Women of Maryland Science and Space and Education and Health Care, but I have to admit that I wasn’t much in the mood for individual success stories. There’s only so much recuperative history this cat can take, and secretly I want museums to raise questions rather than tell me these individual stories, though I know how important those are too. I left early, promising myselfto return, and got myself a front row seat for the roller ballet. Best laid plans indeed, but since all I really want to do is ride my bike around, I’d say it’s a win.

Fluid Movement Parade at Howard & Lexington

Today was the last day of my spring break, and oh, it was a delightful one. I hardly did a lick of work, except insofar as visits to museums sort of count as “research.” I got in a visit with my sister, lunch with friends, eyefuls of flowery trees, a whole bunch of visits to museums and historic sites, and even more bike rides. Today featured a long morning in bed, a little reading, coffee with a friend, and then a bike ride over to Howard and Lexington for Fluid Movement‘s Howard & Lex, the perfect end to a positively lovely vacation. Continue reading