Waiting for the Water Taxi at Canton Waterfront Park

Today’s ride took me down the hill to Harbor East for a stop at the gym. I went swimming wearing my new goggles that came with vision correction. They aren’t my prescription, but wow, they made a huge difference, and I could see underwater for the first time in my memory. It was fantastic and magical and I just loved it. Now I if I can just teach myself how to swim properly… Afterward I took a left on Aliceanna for a ride to Canton Waterfront Park and the view of the water. I snapped this picture of folks lined up on this beautiful humid summer day waiting to board the Water Taxi, with the giant War Taxi in the background. It’s strange how war can just sink unnoticed into the background, as our current war has for those who don’t occupy the race/class worlds of those who actually fight our wars. The Water Taxi is serving the tourist class, the backbone of our new economy. I wonder if we’ll ever stop spending so much on the war economy, since that doesn’t seem to be where the money is at this point. They boarded, I got back on my bike, pedaled uphill to Canton and a stop for frozen yogurt, and then up to Patterson Park and another left and a right to home. Oh, summertime.

One thought on “Waiting for the Water Taxi at Canton Waterfront Park

  1. I think about the smoke screens put out there to distract us from all the wars the US wages. It makes me feel so sad because of such innocents being let into this endless slaughter. All the while the rich get richer on both sides of the coin.

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