Wooden House at Wolfe & Aliceanna

As you might know if you read this blog, I love riding my bike, and I also love local history, so you can imagine my glee when E. asked if I’d like to help lead a bicycle tour of historic War of 1812 sites in Baltimore in September. Um, yes! My not-so-secret desire is to someday be a park ranger, so it seems like bicycle tour guide can only be good experience for a late-in-life career change. The tour’s not until September–the day before Defenders’ Day–but E. and I did a practice ride of part of the route today. I’m glad we did, because no, we don’t want to ride on those cobblestones. Sometimes I want to start a separate blog just to complain about cobblestones and how terrible they are for bikes, wheelchairs, crutches, heels, the elderly, strollers, etc., but I’ll leave it at that for today. We sipped down the hill, took a left and the bus/bike lane on Fleet Street, through Little Italy and down to Fells Point and then to Wolfe Street where E. showed me this dilapidated wooden house tucked amongst the brick houses I’m used to seeing in this neighborhood. I’ve been on this street many times before, but I’ve never noticed this, and I never would have thought to learn about its history had E. not pointed it out. I’m normally a loner when I ride, but a ride with someone else opens up new views, and today was a treat. We continued up to Patterson Park and back to the Battle Monument before parting ways, him to work, me to the waffle platter that was on my mind when I woke up. Much, much to learn before September’s ride, but I hope you’ll join us!

2 thoughts on “Wooden House at Wolfe & Aliceanna

  1. Met a park manager at work today and told him how you and Em get excited about the passport stamp. He laughed with delight and bought an old pamphlet about Crater Lake national park.

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