Cobblestones on the Harbor East Roundabout at President & Aliceanna


Today’s ride was a quick on, just down to Harbor East for a quick trip to the gym and then back home to meet S. for an evening out. I snapped this picture of the cobblestones on the roundabout at the end of PresidentStreet because every time I ride down here I get frustrated by this part. Cobblestones? Really? I’ve complained before and I’ll complain again~cobblestones are the worst. I have big tires on my touring bike, but still this surface unsteadies and shakes me around, and I hate it, so much so that I will get off my nike and walk around this to avoid that ride. I guess it’s there to look “authentic” or something, but it was clearly chosen by folks who never move across surface streets any way other than some SUV or something. I can’t believe I have fashioned a life for myself where I can get this worked up about road surfacing, but there you go. Death to cobblestones! Next time: Why I hate tthe new roundabouts on Guilford, despite their traffic-calming effects.

10 thoughts on “Cobblestones on the Harbor East Roundabout at President & Aliceanna

  1. Yeah, I just think there has to be a better way to slow traffic, because it makes it so challenging to navigate for so many users.

  2. Or…they could have extended the bike lane into the traffic circle and made it a smooth path. Yes. That would have been fantastic.

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