Beach Volleyballers at the Inner Harbor Along Key Highway

School starts tomorrow, which meant today was all meetings and convocating and welcoming back, and that usually means no time to ride my bicycle. But I want to ride my bicycle. I asked A. if I could ride Brompty to her place in Federal Hill and she could give us all a ride to campus–problem solved! I pedaled down the hill happily enjoying the somewhat cool morning and the sun coming from the east. I climbed the tiny hill to the Inner Harbor and then joined the bike trail. Until I was thwarted by the boondoggle also known as the Baltimore Grand Prix–it’s the absolute worst! I had to get off and walk a ways since there was no warning that the trail was about to be blocked off by fencing, another example of the city organizing events for people who visit, but not for people who live here. I tried to put my grumping away and enjoy the day, managing best after a couple of beers and some snacks with A. My ride home was easy breezy, and I went ahead and hopped on the harbor path where I checked out these beach volleyballers. Olympics flashback! Ah, those were the days. Summer’s gone, I guess, but it was a good one. Pedal, pedal, pedal, back to home in time to pack my lunch for tomorrow, including the apple S. brought for teacher. Here we go again!

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