Beach Volleyballers at the Inner Harbor Along Key Highway

School starts tomorrow, which meant today was all meetings and convocating and welcoming back, and that usually means no time to ride my bicycle. But I want to ride my bicycle. I asked A. if I could ride Brompty to her place in Federal Hill and she could give us all a ride to campus–problem solved! Continue reading

Mayor’s Back To School Rally & Family Fun Festival Setting Up On North Ave. Between Calvert & Barclay

Today’s ride started early, up to the doctor’s office for some routine blood work, though for me that routine is a singular act of bravery–I’m not really crazy about needles. Then it was down the hill for a waffle while I worked, to treat myself for being so brave and all. Afterward, I zipped down the hill, made a quick stop at the gym, and then it was over to Central to ride up the “bike lane,” which is cobblestones and parking for that one auto body place. Sigh. Continue reading

Tulane Marching Band Practice on the LBC Quad

I am home again, home again, jiggity jig after a positively lovely trip out west to see old friends. Home means back on the bike, and I couldn’t have been more pleased to velcro-up my shoes, clip in, and head to campus to unpack my new office. It took a few blocks to get up to speed, and I had to play around with the gears to get comfortable again, but man, it is seriously good to be back on my bike. And it is also seriously good to be back on campus with that smell of back-to-school in the air. Continue reading