Houses Being Demolished on Druid Hill Park Lane & Linden

I had a long day at work today , but I planned in the morning that I’d ride my bike at some point today, so when I got home, I swapped out shoes and headed out for a short ride before turning to the last work tasks of the day. I headed back to Druid Hill Park again, this time to check on the house being demolished on the east stretch of the reservoir path. The demolition looks mostly stalled out, but plants are overgrowing the steps to nowhere growing up through brick and mortar. I wonder what the stall is. Knocking stuff down is a surprisingly expensive proposition, so maybe that’s it, and the money will come in and . Or maybe in five or ten years I’ll still be blogging about this scene, by then wearing a heavy ivy coat. I got back on my bike and did a couple more laps, passing the same people over and over again: the guy on roller skates with the tiny dog on a long leash, the man and woman jogging together until the woman pulled ahead on the third lap, the kids walking on any curb they could fine, the two women sitting on the wall and talking, and they guy in head phones who gave me the how-you-doin’ nod every time. By the end, there was a lot of smile in our nods. You’re only supposed to do the nod the one time, but at this rate, are we getting to know each other? All doing laps, and then I pedaled back home. The clouds rolling in look like rain all day tomorrow. Oh well.

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