Mansion on Stratford & Greenway

After work and a brief stop at home, I dragged myself back down the stairs and onto the bike because I knew I’d be glad I did that rather than stare at the computalator in bed. I was right. I headed up the hill and took a right and left and just bicycled straight up to see where it would take me. And then I was in Guilford. Man, this neighborhood! It’s all purebred dogs and BMWs and delivered laundry hanging on front doors and Pottery Barn Teen boxes in the gutters, because they put out their recycling here, too, I guess. And the streets are named things like Stratford, Wendover, and Highfield.; there’s even a Sherwood Gardens. I was pedaling around with my mouth open, because neighborhoods like this are just incredible, especially when they’re only blocks from completely different worlds, like the houses along Greenmount lined with private brick entryways. I take a lot of pictures of row houses, but these houses are also part of Baltimore–blows my mind. It’s like a different planet. It was lovely ride around a lovely neighborhood, if this is what’s lovely to you. As per usual, the choice to take the bike out is the right one.

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