Bikes on Bike Racks at Harbor East

Today’s ride took me downtown to Harbor East, where I locked up my bike to one of the few spaces available–never enough bike racks, for sure. I did a quick turn at the gym and the grocery, and then I got back on my bike to head up the hill. I snapped this picture of a couple of bikes crowding up the racks. That red one is always there. I mean always. It’s attached by a chain, and sometimes it slides down and the bike falls over. I’ve picked up and readjusted that bike a zillion times, because it’s just always there. There are a couple of bikes like that where I work–an old blue 10-speed and a yellow Schwinn. They’ve got flat tires, so they just sit on those racks, day in and day out. Is anyone coming to get these bikes? Or will they just get removed by “the city” or Lululemon, or maybe someone will steal them? I got back on my bike, said goodbye to my old friend Red Bike, and pedaled back up the hill with my groceries to home, where I made a quick dinner and got back on the bike to head out for the evening. I love Fridays–I park the car and know I don’t have to drive it again for days.

4 thoughts on “Bikes on Bike Racks at Harbor East

  1. I too have seen the persistent locked-up bikes at the rack, and the mystery of who left them there and why is exceeded only by that of who finally removes them, after what period of time, based on what criteria, and where they go.

  2. There is a bike like that locked up to a railing near my office. It lost its seat and rear wheel a few months back but the tenants on the ground floor decorated the frame with fake flowers so it still looks a bit pleasant.

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