Lululemon Platitudes at Harbor East on Aliceanna

Thursday’s ride took me down to Harbor East for a trip to the pool and some really terrible swimming. I’m good at a lot of things–reading, eating food other people cook for me, taking pictures of cats–but I’m just a horrible swimmer. Fortunately, you don’t have to be good at things to enjoy them, so I just hopped in the pool and slowly made my way back and forth without drowning–a win in my book. And then I took the bike over to Federal Hill for dinner with A., who likes to cook for people. Given my joy in eating food other people have cooked, it’s a friend match made in heaven. Before heading that way I snapped this picture of the new Lululemon store that’s going up in the Circle of Wealth that is Harbor East. They’ve got all these platitudes on their bags and on the entryway here, things like, “friends are more important than money,” and “do one thing per day that scares you,” a personal favorite of mine, because I always imagine doing things like lying down on railroad tracks or eating some of the flattened rats I ride over on my bike–that kind of stuff totally scares me. But they don’t mean that. They mean things like, wear a new pair of yoga pants to class, or let your shoes and lipstick clash. And now they’ve put a bird on it. The store will be a perfect addition to this “neighborhood,” one not meant for actual people. I need to do a little research and figure out what “Harbor East” used to be. Idle thoughts, and then back on the bike, using my outside voice to encourage shared use of the bike/ped path around the Inner Harbor, up the hill and to the left, and then a quiet ride down and up another hill to home. Riding at night is such a pleasure, and a reminder of an old life where I went out on school nights.

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