Brompty Tucked Away on the MARC Train Between West Baltimore & Penn Station

My car is in the shop–yes, I own a car–getting itself fixed from the break-in it suffered in June. After months of driving around with tape for a back window and opening the driver’s side door through the passenger side, on Monday the door wouldn’t open at all, and it was finally time to face the price tag and get the thing fixed. All of that meant no car for the commute to work, so I got to give the multi-modal commute a try. I packed my day’s work into my bag, carried it and the bike downstairs, and unfolded it. I flew down the hill to the train station, bought my ticket, folded it back up, and waited for the train. I followed the flow of the people down the stairs, tucked the bike into the cubby hole right by the door, sat down, and 13 minutes later I was unfolding it at Halethorpe and looking around to figure out which way to go next. Pedal, pedal, pedal, fold, lift, haul, work all day, and then I unfolded it in the hallway, showed it off to co-workers, and it was time to pedal back to the train station. I waited for the avalanche of people to pour off the 4:53 ad then climbed up the stairs, tucked Brompty away again, and 13 minutes later I was unfolding it at Penn Station for the mile or so ride back up the hill to home. I desperately overthink the first time doing anything with a bike, or maybe the first time of anything, so today pretty much all I saw on my bike today was process. I won’t have another ride like that again.

One thought on “Brompty Tucked Away on the MARC Train Between West Baltimore & Penn Station

  1. Sounds like your multimodal commute went well. Mine is: Ride Linus from home to Halethorp, lock up bike. Ride MARC to DC. Pick up vintage Nishiki from BikeStation, cycle to work. All told a 14 miles of cycling. The home stretch is the most challenging. Largely and uphill and increasingly steep as I approach home. Keeps me strong! Surprisingly, cycling to the MARC station is much more convenient (and fun) than driving. T

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