DC’s Fancy Bikestation at Union Station

My dear New Orleans friends D. and M. are in DC for a few days this week on a work trip, so I took my non-teaching day to head down to corridor for a little taste of home. We weren’t going to be riding bikes, so I left Brompty at home and just took the Surly to Penn Station where I searched for a spot on the couple of bike racks before awkwardly locking up to the side of one. That place can never have enough bike racks, I swear, and I was there after 9:00am–too late to get a prime spot. I let the MARC train and Metro do the driving and then spent the day talking and talking and talking before it was time to head back to the train and home again, home again. I snapped this picture as I moved between the red line and the commuter rail. This is where they park bikes in DC. How cool is Bikestation?!? I don’t spend much time in DC, but I found myself wanting to join to ensure my bike a spot in this fantasy garage from the future. And then I was home, unlocking my bike from the sad little bike rack outside our train station, wistful for the Bikestation that, alas, shall never be in Baltimore. On the other hand, I get to live in Baltimore, so I’m going to take solace in that, and in the promise of future covered bike parking here and at Camden Yards. I rode home in the early dark, wishing I’d brought my gloves with me. It’s winter, self, get it together.

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