View From Middle Branch Park Out By Harbor Hospital on the Gwynns Falls Trail

My dad was in town for a visit and I had the day off work, so we rented him a bicycle so we could ride around Baltimore together. I had about a thousand rides to take him on, but we didn’t have forever and he rented a bike not built for climbing, so I just took him down the hill and on the Gwynns Falls Trail around to Middle Branch Park. I led the way, using my hand signals, being reminded to point out road hazards, and thinking just a few turns ahead. We hopped on the trail around the Inner Harbor, and guess what? That temporary vent thingamajig that was blocking the path, the one that sent you the wrong way under that tunnel, or up over a tall curb on the curve is gone! I pushed my thrill back down inside me (it’s only a big deal if you’ve been being frustrated at that very spot for a year) and kept pedaling, but wow–it’s like the Grand Prix finally left town. We followed the path through Federal Hill, past stadiums, and back on the trail toward the bus station, waste treatment plant, and Westport substation–the very best views of Baltimore, just for my dad. Seriously, though, I love what this city looks like from a bike, regardless of the neighborhood. It’s interesting here. We kept on through the park to Harbor Hospital where we sat on a bench to talk about how awesome bikes are while I snapped some pictures, including this one of the view–I love the spindle trees against blue skies–and then it was time to head back. I retraced our steps to the bike shop, we gave our review (“It’s not built for climbing.”), and then it was time for pizza. He asked me where I’d have ridden if he hadn’t been with me. I probably would have taken an unexpected left after Chase, but there will be plenty of next times. It was the perfect day to ride a bike, and a most welcome companion.

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