Sunset Behind Bare Trees in Druid Hill Park on the Jones Falls Trail

The Sun Going Down Behind Bare Trees on the Jones Falls Trail in Druid Hill Park

I had one of those perfectly lovely days, the kind where you wake up where you’re supposed to be and spend your morning doing things you’re supposed to be doing, and then there’s a meeting, but then you’re on your bike riding through the park on an unseasonably warm day. That part’s wrong, but like so very many wrong things, it feels so good. It was like springtime on my bare legs as I pedaled along, I swear. Anyway, I took the Jones Falls Trail through Druid Hill Park, past the zoo, and down to Woodberry for my first drum lesson at the School of Rock. Oh, it was so much fun. I can’t believe how much I learned in less than an hour, and it just felt right, all that counting and those patterns with your body–perfect for me. And then it was time to ride home. The sun was already going down by 4:30 as I headed back up the hill. I snapped this picture of the sun going down, but the picture doesn’t get the pinks or blues, not at all. I thought to myself, what a life, to get to ride a bicycle through a park like this on an afternoon like this one after learning something new. A quick stop at home and then back on the bike, down the hill and up the hill for dinner with A., and then home again, feeling like the only person in the whole entire city. Back to work tomorrow.

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