View From a Coffee Shop in Harbor East

View From a Coffee Shop in Harbor EastIt’s cold again here, so I put on my windproof jacket when I headed out the door this morning to fetch some things for the sickly S. up the street. And then I realized I forgot my gloves. Welp, that’s a lesson I get to learn again! After a most lovely morning I got back on the bike and headed out on errands and then to get some work done. I pedaled easily along, and once I made it into the sun, my li’l paws warmed up. I’m so, so, so pleased it’s still bicycling weather. It was all lovely until I realized that I was actually going to have to sit down and do some work-bah! I need a vacation. But I have to work, so I compromised and took my stuff to this coffee shop in Harbor East where I got what the barista recommended (“beignets” with butterscotch sauce and some “single estate” drip coffee) and sat in the window with this view, enjoying the sun, less so my own writing viewed out of the corner of my eye. I gutted it out as long as I could, and then it was to the gym and home to laze about with cats. Resistance is strong, but we’re rolling downhill at this point–just got to hang on and wear my helmet.

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