End of Horse Route at the B&A Trail & Boulter’s Way

End of Horse Route at the B&A Trail & Boulters WayI had to go to campus today for a meeting and then another meeting, and my strong desire to not go to campus meant I had to bribe myself, so I popped the Surly on the back of the car and drove us there with the promise that we could ride the trail out to Annapolis after work. Rather than park at the airport, I drove to the start of the B&A Trail, taking the long way because I didn’t plan my route beyond “drive toward the airport.” I finally took a left and parked on Maple, walking my bike over to the trail. And then I rode straight out, past the thrift store and the Solar System Walk and the mall and over bridges and through leaves blowing up walls the crosswind that meant a headwind in both directions. 9 miles in and it was all new stuff, but I have to admit I was mostly just watching for the end of the trail. There’s always something special at the end of the trail, right? Today it was just this, the end, with signs pointing to a route to Annapolis, but in my imagination the trail was going to drop my right at the steps of the oldest statehouse in America. I was reaching the end of my energy for the day so I turned around and headed back. Hey, there’s still something new at the end for the next ride, and next time I need to get to the Anne Arrundell Historical Society Browse & Buy Shoppe before it closes at 3:30, but today I just rode myself home, 26 miles under my belt, a perfect end to a day at the office. I could get used to this.

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