Pierce’s Park on Pier Five at the Inner Harbor

Pierce's Park on Pier Five at the Inner HarborAnd some days you are pretty much just going through the motions, but fortunately, going through the motions for me means I get to ride my bike, which I did, down to Harbor East for a quick swim and then over to the Inner Harbor piers for lunch. I walked my bike to lunch so I could give my legs a different stretch, and I heard what sounded like a xylophone coming from over there. It’s Pierce’s Park, and it was all wavy lines and dulcet tones and children running around and climbing things like they do at every park. It was seriously a class act. The sign at the front of Pierce’s Park made a really big deal about how this is the people’s park, it belongs to all us, unlike all the public parks, I guess. In my experience, parks that look like this never really belong to everybody, but hey, open minds, open hearts. My ride back home took me up the hill into major headwinds, so it was  a slow go again as we keep on keeping on waiting for spring. I ran into my neighbor at the top of one hill and we road home together. He had looked up the average windspeed in Chicago, the “Windy City,” to compare with our windspeeds this winter; he insists the moniker is misplaced. I looked up the average temperature for March in Baltimore. It’s 65, much higher than we’ve seen yet, and it’s April. Z. and I are indeed the same kind of nerd. We got home, carried our bikes inside, and had a little traffic jam, a nice end to what started as a lonely day. And the park? Get this: “Named after local business and community leader Pierce John Flanigan III, the Park design is centered on two circular open/play spaces, separated by undulations in the ground that mimic waves. The open areas are surrounded by berms that are high enough to enclose the spaces for the children but low enough for adult visibility to see beyond. Opportunities for exploration abound… look at the ground and one will find engraved homophomes; a walk through the Park will bring visitors to the musical fence, perfectly calibrated for children and adults to mail their own compositions. The Park was designed to evoke Pierce Flanigan’s love of sailing and the Chesapeake Bay.” A park for everyone indeed!

4 thoughts on “Pierce’s Park on Pier Five at the Inner Harbor

    • What a most lovely compliment, thank you! And actually, the moniker comes from when I first needed a moniker for some forgotten reason and lived in Oakland, CA. But I may have some political in me.

  1. ORILLY? I think the favorite park in my hood is the undeveloped field north of the 33rd Y. Unofficial dogpark, site for much kite-flying, Y lacrosse and football and games of chase. View to watch the downtown fireworks. Not sure how much longer we’ll have it, it is slated for dev eventually. Good, neighborhoody dev, but buildings where there is used open field still. I like my uneven unofficial park.

  2. Ok, first question, I read this as you went swimming in Harbor East and I can only sincerely hope that wasn’t the case. Regarding Perce’s Park, it is fabulous and I have been going since it opened last year. In appropriate weather, I can assure you it is filled with a diverse group of children AND adults who enjoy sliding, rolling, and running all about. It is indeed welcoming to all who wish to enjoy its elegance. (Except for the multiple ice cream trucks who keep getting kicked out of the round-about for no permits)

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