View From a Bench Along Riverside Park Path in Riverside Park in Federal Hill

View From a Bench in Riverside Park in Federal HillBaltimore’s getting the temperature right, but wow, this place had the wind machine on high today, so I had to keep pedaling down the hill to keep from being pushed off my line by the wind. It was good, though, just to be outside on a bicycle with naked legs, so many promises for the months to come. I made a quick stop at the gym for a swim and then rode around the Inner Harbor, using my outside voice to let the pedestrians know I was coming. The wind blew me up the hill and down to Locust Point for errands, and then I rode into the wind back to Riverside Park where I sat on a bench and watched the dogs gather for their after-five meeting. There were muppet dogs and tiny dogs and mutt dogs and there were a lot of balls being chased and backsides being sniffed. I snapped this picture of the blue sky and the trees that aren’t quite budding yet and the row houses in the distance. It’s such a pretty scene, but sitting there, well, you’ve got high winds sometimes. I met A. for beer and talk before riding back in the dark, just the quiet I needed.

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