Osprey at Charm City Art Space at Maryland & Lafayette

Osprey at Charm City Art Space at Maryland & LafayetteI didn’t do a lot of riding this week, just back and forth a little bit to dinner and an errand or two–sometimes that’s what happens. Hey, there’s always next week. Tonight’s short ride took me to Mt. Vernon to meet A. and R. for dinner and then to see R.’s boyfriend play bass in his band Osprey’s first show at the Charm City Art Space. CCAS is right on Maryland Avenue, and I’ve probably passed it over 100 times since I moved to Baltimore, but tonight was the first time I noticed the small sign above the door and had gone in to see the performance space inside. That’s one of the cool things about Baltimore–there are so many hidden spots where art is happening, and I’ve only just started to find them. Tonight it felt a little bit like being in someone’s basement ti watch friends put on a show, and it was all the more pleasurable for that cozy feeling; live here long enough and I bet everywhere turns into a friend’s basement. I rocked along to Osprey’s five or so songs, admired the drummer’s liberal use of the crash cymbal, and then I was on my way, walking back to my bike to bring it forward to the bar around the corner. A few drinks and a lot of words with friends and it was time to pedal back up the hill. Slowly but surely in the cool breeze of spring and I was home again home again. There’s no time to ride tomorrow, but Sunday, I’ve got my eye on you.

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