Roger Taney Statue in Front of the Statehouse in Annapolis

Roger Taney Statue in Front of the Statehouse in AnnapolisOk, first thing’s first: I rode fifty miles today on my bicycle. That just seems so far, like, “nah, let’s not go there–it’s too far to drive” far, and I rode it on my bicycle. I started with a coast down the hill to the light rail station to meet A., R., and A. for a ride out to Linthicum–you can take your full-sized bikes on the train as long as you stay to the back of the car, an easy rule to follow. And then we just rode our bikes forever, and I saw all green hints of spring, unheralded as the pink flowers get all the press. We saw bicyclist after bicyclist after bicyclist, runners and walkers, dogs, and cats–one running free, another on a leash–and then we reached a part that was new to me, over and up and over the bridge into Annapolis, and oh it was so pretty! We made our way downtown, dodging the slow traffic and the zillion sailors on our way to lunch and then a loop around the statehouse. This is American’s first capitol, you know. And here’s Roger Taney again, Maryland’s native son (not Native Son)  in pride of place, again. They’ve placed a statue of Thurgood Marshall on the other side, bookends of history, they say, but wow, you better do a full lap. We did, and then we headed home. I got tired around mile 33.5, but the cool thing about biking is that hey, I was already 25 miles out; I had no choice but to do the full 25 back. It was a good, long ride with like-minded riders and that sky in the background, a perfect Sunday.

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