Gray Skies and a Blighted Building at Lloyd & Granby

Gray Skies and a Blighted Building at Lloyd & GranbyToday’s ride took me back down to BronyCon where I spent my day talking to people about why they’re Bronies (new friends, great show), whether girls are Bronies or Pegasisters (a more complicated debate than I expected), and who their favorite ponies are (Rainbow Dash comes up a lot). And then I got back on the bike and headed to the Patterson Park pool for my volunteer shift staring at t-shirt tags to find the smalls everyone wanted (or the extra larges–not a lot of in-between sizes at the water ballet today). The day was a lot of intense focus, and I spent my ride home looking out and up, to shake off the narrow view. Waiting to cross Lombard Street, I noticed the broken windows and a tree growing out of the roof of a brick building tucked just behind the newer Jonestown housing development. This building is so close to downtown, but it’s a million miles away from the life happening there. It was a good reminder to keep the view broad and outward, because it’s what’s at the edge of the frame that makes what’s in the center, central. I took a quick right at Granby to get closer, snapped this picture, and then the rain started again. Pedal, pedal up the hill to home, the longest Saturday I’ve had in awhile.

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