Casino Under Construction From the First Bridge on the Gwynns Falls Trail Behind Ravens Stadium

Casino Under Construction From the First Bridge on the Gwynns Falls Trail Behind Ravens StadiumLast week’s heavy workload and heavier rains conspired to keep me off the bike for far too many days, so I was happy to have an open afternoon and cloudy but dry skies today for a longer ride. I headed up the hill for lunch and some football before heading down the hill to see what the football fans were doing at the stadium–hint: leaving early–and then I dodged traffic cones and wide-turners on my way to the Gwynns Falls Trail. It finally really feels like fall, but the greens are still mostly green and the overgrowth is still overgrown. I snapped this picture from the first bridge; the pile of bricks is gone, replaced by the skeleton of the casino they’re building down here. Now that’s going to be some traffic, but what could be better than a drunken stumble from the game to the casino for another round and some penny-slotting? Soon, soon, friends. I continued my ride around the waste treatment plant and my favorite Baltimore substation–Westport–and on to Middle Branch Park. I sat on the pier and eavesdropped on the game playing on the portable TV by the four guys taking a break from their fishing. A failed defensive stand with less (fewer) than two minutes left got me back on my bike, a have-a-good-day to the TV watchers. Rather than head back the way I came, I got myself on Hanover Street and took a left for a zig zag thorugh Cherry Hill. I was on streets I didn’t know looking at townhome complexes and the Charm City Circulator bus wash before spitting out where I started, back at the light rail tracks for a ride back into the traffic. Oh, so much traffic. I didn’t want to put myself in front of a line of drunk drivers, so after a couple circles in the one-way maze of Pigtown I settled into some grading at another bar, another football game in the background, and then it was time to head home on now-empty streets through West Baltimore up the hill to home. It was a most excellent day on the bike through the city, and wow, there are a lot of places to watch football on an October Sunday.

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