Looking Into the Sun at Maryland & North Avenue


Commuting this week was approximately three zillion times better since I got to ride my bike instead of sit on the bus. The bus is great on those days its snowing or training, but otherwise, wow, I’d rather get places under my own power. Wednesday and Thursdays my way was the old route down to the shuttle, but because I was getting rides home, I took Brompty out. That bike is a whole different feel, sort of like Mary Poppins pedaling song, skirt waving, saying my hellos and good mornings, la dee dah. I snapped this photo on Thursday, looking toward the sun at my red light, so grateful that it comes up like that and that I’m out there to see it. Ding, Ding, Ding, down the hill, around the corner, up, down, and around again, a quick fold and onto the shuttle, such a pleasant way to start the day. Soon I’ll write about something other than how good out feels to be riding, but for now this is all I’ve got, and thank goodness for that.

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