Clouds and Blue Skies In Waverly


The sun came out for today’s ride up to Roland Park, and it brought the wind with it. I pedaled up and down the hills– it was the kind of wind that won’t let you coast– and felt the difference sunshine makes. I rode through Waverly’s hot spots of violence, through Oakenshaw and Roland Park’s different shirts of violences, and it felt like I was the only one alive out there. And then I was home in my neighborhood, where I snapped this picture if how pretty it looks when you look up. I went to my neighborhood association meeting a couple nights ago. Three was lots of talk about how to get kids of the street, how up break up the gambling rings on the alleys, how to move the loiterers from the stoops and storefronts. I wondered how everyone decided who belongs outside under this sky. It was a short ride, but I saw so many ways people are living under it. We best figure out how to make some peace with don’t of it.

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