Air –> at Eutaw & W. Fayette

Air at Eutaw & W. FayetteToday’s ride took me down the hill to work, as per usual, and then back up the hill to home. I took this picture of signs outside the University of Maryland parking garage at Eutaw and West Fayette. No Trespassing Violator Prosecuted, but also, bicycle air is in there. I had a couple of thoughts: first, what a great thing to know, that there’s air here, in case I ever need some. Second, I guess that “No Trespassing” thing wouldn’t apply to me. I mean, they’re inviting me in to use the air. And they’re inviting drivers in to park here–it’s a parking lot. So how do they tell the difference between users and trespassers? Its like those laws against sodomy or loitering or vagrancy, enforced selectively, on the books to be mobilized when there’s something else you’re trying to do. And then I got off my bike and walked home, the same way I’d go if I rode, talking on the phone, stopping to pee without buying anything, a quick bite to eat, a lazy end to a hard week.

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