Cherry Blossoms Along Lombard Between Greene & Penn

I walked by them twice this week on the way to my bicycle. I’ve been back on the commute after a number of days away. I was in NYC, tending to my twin sister whose scalp burst open (the technical term, I think) after a nasty fall while out for a run. She tripped on one of those places where the two slabs of concrete push up against each other. Baltimore’s sidewalks are like 80% hazards, and apparently Brooklyn’s not much different. She tripped, fell, and caught her head on a decorative iron fence around a tree well. It was absolutely grisly, and she needed attention, but she’s going to be ok.

Thank goodness. We were cells together. She is the start and end of every day, my best friend, the keeper of all my secrets and all my histories. I need her to be ok. We’ve had a rough few years over here, and I think we’re due for a longer break between scary medical things, but alas, adulthood appears to be mostly surfing ever-shrinking gaps between things like this.

And I keep realizing that I can manage it all. I might not want to. I might spend scary moments thinking I’ve finally hit my limit, I simply cannot survive the thing. I felt like that for a little bit when I couldn’t find my sister. I knew she’d gone out for a run, but that was hours ago, and she wasn’t responding to any calls or texts. “I guess this is what this will be,” I thought to myself as I shakily pushed my bike down Roland Avenue last week, on hold with the Brooklyn Police Department, hoping they could help find her.

But we found her, and she’s going to be ok, and I’m home again, back on my bike, back to railing against treating sidewalks like private property and streets like public property. I’m happy to be here, to be back in a routine.

Thursday’s ride was a bit harrowing, though. It was so windy, and there were moments I didn’t feel in full control of my bicycle. I remembered, though, that I could do it. Just settle in, put it in an easy gear, don’t panic, and pedal. I made it where I was going.

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