Spoke Cards in a Wheel on St. Peter Street

I haven’t blogged in three days, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been riding around! Thursday caught me driving around to recover from Wednesday’s long ride. Friday’s evening post-downpour ride to Mid-City left me remembering why I bike (Jazz Fest parking) and why I should finally get a flipping rear fender (fifteen minutes in the restaurant bathroom wiping the mud off my legs). I decided to forego biking in the tornado conditions on Saturday, but I was rewarded for a weekend of buzzkill weather with a positively perfect day today. Continue reading

The Ten Commandments at the Texas State Capitol

The Ten Commandments at the Texas State CapitolI love biking around a new city. I’m in Austin, a city well known for its biking culture, thanks partly to its favorite son, Lance Armstrong. It’s a little odd to me that so many folks would choose to bike here. There are so many hills, it’s so hot, the traffic is terrible. But people do it. Continue reading