“Confederate Domination” Plaque on a Lamp Post at N. Rampart and Bienville

Today was a good day full of productivity and pep talks and copy machines. After a long day in the new office–it’s beautiful–I headed down to the Quarter for a quick burrito before riding to Mid-City for a bicycle meeting. It felt good to get to pedal some distance today. Man, I really missed my bicycle. I was stopped on the neutral ground waiting for a green light to cross N. Rampart on Bienville when I noticed the plaque on the lamp post. Now, I’ve ridden up and down this street a gazillion times, but lamp posts aren’t necessarily something I’m going to stop and notice. I need the light, not the post. I popped the Surly up on the curb to get a closer look. Continue reading

The Ten Commandments at the Texas State Capitol

The Ten Commandments at the Texas State CapitolI love biking around a new city. I’m in Austin, a city well known for its biking culture, thanks partly to its favorite son, Lance Armstrong. It’s a little odd to me that so many folks would choose to bike here. There are so many hills, it’s so hot, the traffic is terrible. But people do it. Continue reading