Rows of Brick Houses at Rexmere Road and Chestnut Hill Avenue

Rows of Brick Houses at Rexmere Road and Chestnut Hill AvenueSpring is here, finally, and oh, it felt good to be out on the Surly on Wednesday, skirt waving in the wind, sun on my face! That whole rebirth-in-spring business isn’t just for bunny rabbits and Jesus Christ–it’s for bicyclists, too, even those of us who ride year round. I started my ride heading up the hill and to the right for a trip to the dentist before heading to Lake Montebello for a few laps with a slew of pedestrians and one very, very cute puppy: “He’s not as good as he looks–he already ate two pairs of shoes!” Continue reading

View of Union Memorial Sports Medicine at Stadium Place From 36th & Rexmore

After several long days of work and a long day of rain, I finally got to go for a ride today, albeit a short one. I hopped on the Surly and headed northeast through Waverly and up Old York Road to Ednor Gardens for some porch sitting with my old friend from high school, L., and her Baltimore friends. I’ve actually never been over to this neighborhood–usually I just keep riding up York–and though I didn’t do much tooling around, it’s nice to know it’s here for some exploring. Continue reading