View From the Fifth Floor of the Odgen Museum of Southern Art

Oh, it was such a lovely day in New Orleans. After catching the second half of the soccer game–I’m sure glad I don’t have to play Germany in the World Cup–I headed out on the bike, destination: post office. The sky was gray and there was a bit of rain, but not enough to put a damper on things. I rode up to the library via Saratoga, watching the neighborhoods change, half a block by half a block. Continue reading

Bottle Rockets in Uptown

Bottle Rocket in UptownI woke up early for the ladies’ Wimbledon final (go, Williams sisters–love you both!) and was disappointed to discover Breakfast at Wimbledon doesn’t actually include breakfast. So I hopped on my bike in search of an open restaurant that would serve me the brunch I wanted. Continue reading

Police on Canal Street for Essence Fest

NOPD on Canal StreetI’m still tired after a lot of bike riding yesterday and not enough water, but I decided to ride Rhoda down to the Treme and then to the French Quarter for cake and swimming with friends. On my way home I rode around the Quarter a bit, checking out the crowds for Essence Fest, the big festie in town this weekend. Continue reading