Trash Cans and a Chair on St. Claude Between Governor Nicholls and Barracks

It rained all day long again–the outer bands of Alex, I’m told. I moved my car to higher ground (just six feet one way or the other makes a difference on my street) and stayed inside, writing and reading and listening to weather. I finally had to leave the house for a meeting with a student, so I put on the bike shoes and pedaled, figuring moving faster would mean less sogginess in my umbrella-less future. Continue reading

White Wicker Couch at Baronne and Terpsichore

I spent a lovely Thanksgiving relaxing, first at home, and then with friends down in the Treme. It was a crisp day, but the sun was shining, making my bike ride on the Surly quite perfect. The streets were incredibly quiet today; I guess by the time I got myself on the road it was already dinnertime for everybody else. Continue reading