View From a Lookout at Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge

View From a Lookout at Bombay Hook National Wildlife ReserveThe website said there was a 12 mile auto tour route out at Bombay Hook National Wildlife Reserve, so I was guessing that meant a 12 mile bicycle route, too. The website didn’t say anything about bikes, though, and I actually thought about calling ahead to see if bikes were allowed, since it seemed the perfect stop on Friday’s drive home from my tour of the Harriet Tubman Byway. I’m glad I didn’t call (and I didn’t because I didn’t want them to say something silly like “no bikes”), though, because they probably would have said sure, bring your bike, but be warned the road is crushed stone–and sometimes just loose rock–so it might not be the most comfortable riding surface. And oh, it wasn’t. Continue reading

White Herons Building Nests in Audubon Park

As I was riding my bike up to campus today for the first day back from spring break, I kept thinking about the gazillion people who don’t commute by bike. You are really missing out, people. It feels so good to get some energy out and pedal to work first thing in the morning. Continue reading

Egrets and Herons at the Carrollton Water Treatment Plant

Is there any season better than springtime? Seriously, no matter what your climate, spring rocks. We don’t have crocuses here, but we’ve got marching bands and sunshine and the way it smelled today. I rode up to campus and did a quick loop around the park before a couple of quick meetings with students. Continue reading

Heron Nest Building in Audubon Park

Herons Building Nests in Audubon ParkI read myself to sleep last night with a bike repair book, so woke up with an urgent need to clean and maintain my bikes.  Rhoda’s chain has been skipping a lot lately, and even the pedaling has felt off.  So I treated her to a new chain, and she feels so, so much better.  After riding to and from work I decided to meet K. to take Jack out for a spin on the levee.  Continue reading