Feats of Engineering at the Huey P. Long Bridge From the Levee Path

The weather outside today was simply beautiful, enough so that I didn’t mind having to be in my office at noon to meet J., who calls that the crack of dawn (which it sort of is, for a Sunday). After a quick meeting I rode over to catch the Tulane women’s basketball team in their CUSA showdown against Houston. Continue reading

Boxing Statue in Rivertown Section of Kenner

I read today that they are closing the levee bike path for three months (read: six months) while making repairs to the Huey P. Long bridge. Oh no! I’m sure (sort of) that there will be some kind of detour, and I don’t actually ride the levee that often, but still. So I decided to spend my free afternoon after my lunch date with E. riding as far as I could on the thing. Oh, it was a beautiful day, ridiculously so. Continue reading

Train Crossing the Huey P. Long Bridge

I had a thoroughly delightful Sunday, grading papers, reading, looking through job ads, working on my professional website, and when I finished up my work, I was most definitely in the mood for a long bicycle ride. I made a few tiny adjustments to my brakes and headed out to the levee, wanting to just pedal without monitoring the conditions of the pavement. The sun was just starting to go down, the weather was noticeably cooler than it has been, and I just let my legs get into that spinning rhythm with a song on repeat. Continue reading

Heron Nest Building in Audubon Park

Herons Building Nests in Audubon ParkI read myself to sleep last night with a bike repair book, so woke up with an urgent need to clean and maintain my bikes.  Rhoda’s chain has been skipping a lot lately, and even the pedaling has felt off.  So I treated her to a new chain, and she feels so, so much better.  After riding to and from work I decided to meet K. to take Jack out for a spin on the levee.  Continue reading

Picnic Table at the Huey P. Long Bridge

Picnic Table at Huey P. Long BridgeIt was a stormy day in New Orleans today, but I had bike plans with my new riding buddy, C.  C. works at a bike shop in town, so I met her there, where she used her wily salesmanship to sell me my first pair of special shoes to go with Jack’s clipless pedal system.  I feel like such a grown up!  I was scared to fall, and C. promised me that I would, and that she’d laugh, but I was a natural.  Continue reading

Huey P. Long Bridge

I got my bike back today.  I can’t express how good it felt to be back on Rhoda, riding along the Mississippi River levee, listening to The Roots, doffing my invisible hat to fellow bicyclers, dog walkers, and scooterers.  Continue reading