Parking Lot at Loyola & Perdido

Yep, still sick, but today my throat hurt more and I was coughing up grosser stuff and my body was less fatigued, so thankfully I think this means I’m on the mend. (Colds like this remind me how glad I am I quit smoking four years ago–this would go on for the next six weeks if I was still puffing away.) I worked from home and got some rest, but did head out on the bike this evening to meet T., a loyal reader of the blog, visiting from San Francisco. Continue reading

Blasting Paint on Salcedo and Conti

You know how you can see things in a zillion different ways just by shifting your focus? That’s one of my favorite things about perspective; it means I can go the same places over and over again, always seeing something new. Rails-to-Trails Conservancy is in town doing an intricate map of the transportation conditions surrounding the proposed Lafitte Corridor greenway, so I hopped on the Surly and pedaled down to Warren Easton to meet up with a group of folks intent on putting our focus on stuff we don’t necessarily normally notice. Continue reading