Parking Lot at Loyola & Perdido

Yep, still sick, but today my throat hurt more and I was coughing up grosser stuff and my body was less fatigued, so thankfully I think this means I’m on the mend. (Colds like this remind me how glad I am I quit smoking four years ago–this would go on for the next six weeks if I was still puffing away.) I worked from home and got some rest, but did head out on the bike this evening to meet T., a loyal reader of the blog, visiting from San Francisco. As soon as I was on the bike I knew it was a good idea to be out pedaling around. Our ridiculous weather continues and it just felt good to be floating on two wheels through the city. I stopped to take a picture of this parking lot in the CBD, right across from City Hall. I’m guessing a building used to be here, but this broken brick facade is all that’s left. Ferns are growing out of the grooves where a wall used to connect and weeds are overgrowing the edges. Things are decaying here, and I guess we’ve just decided to let it happen at its own pace, and we’ll use the space as it becomes available. This is New Orleans; we’ve got our decaying and decrepit lot right by City Hall and framed by our office towers. I ended up at the bar where T. bought me a drink (thanks!) and told me about her week here, riding her rented bike all over the place. I asked her what she’d done since she’s been here. She couldn’t really tell me what she’d been up to, just that she’d been busy riding a bike, not sure where. I hope she moves here. I have a feeling she’ll fit right in.

3 thoughts on “Parking Lot at Loyola & Perdido

  1. Wonderful blog post. I know that ruin well. Made me miss home terribly. You are correct. Sounds like T would fit right in.

  2. Well, Kate, I have read you blog for almost 2 years and now you’ve done it…..I have enjoyed going on your rides from my chair so much that I bought a bike last week!! If this almost 70 year old kills herself, it’s on your hands. 🙂

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