Dilapidated Mobile Home in Lacombe, LA

Today was the last day of my mini vacation, but there was still plenty of time to get another bike ride in. D. threw her fancy bike in her fancy car and drove up to meet me in Lacombe for a ride out to Slidell, lunch and basketball (Go State!), and then back to the cars. Before she got there, though, I did some tooling around the bayou and off the bike path to get a bit more of a sense of this little town. Continue reading

Blighted Tin House on the St. Tammany Trace

Oh, I had a most lovely day on my bicycle. I got up early and drove myself and the Surly to Lacombe and rode up the St. Tammany Trace to Abita Springs. On my way I saw lots of other folks on bikes, a few runners, some walkers, and a kid on a scooter. The sky was perfectly blue and the sun was bright, and I just pedaled and pedaled and pedaled, listening alternately to birds and music. Such a nice way to spend the day! Continue reading