Super Sunday Crowds at Washington & Freret

It’s the first day of spring today, and it is also the closest Sunday to St. Joseph’s Day, which means in New Orleans that today is Super Sunday. This is the day that most of the Mardi Gras Indian tribes from all over the city come together to parade through Central City and then gather in the park, displaying their suits and rehydrating after marching in the heat wearing up to 150 pounds on their backs. After getting a little of this and a little of that done, I hopped on the bike and headed out to meet S. for an afternoon with the rest of the city to loiter, linger, and look. Continue reading

Mardi Gras Indians at the Congo Square Rhythms Festival

Mardi Gras Indians at Congo Square Rhythm FestivalI feel so, so much better today, so I was eager to get out on the bike for a play ride after cleaning the house and watching the Saints win. Again. Though this time it seemed unnecessarily close–c’mon, guys, we were playing the Rams! Anyway, I rode down to Louis Armstrong Park to catch some of the Congo Square Rhythms Festival, where I snapped this picture of three Mardi Gras Indian tribes doing their thing. Continue reading

Super Sunday Crowds at Taylor Park

Super Sunday CrowdToday was Super Sunday–the day when all the Mardi Gras Indian tribes parade together–rescheduled after last weekend’s rainout.  The weather was perfect today–sunny and warm, with occasional clouds to cool us off.  I rode my bike toward Taylor Park and just followed the crowds.  And man, there were a lot of people.  Continue reading