The Midas Car Shop at Reisterstown and Liberty Heights

the Midas at Reisterstown and Liberty HeightsI’ve been riding my bike all over town this past week–zig zagging through East Baltimore for late lunches, zipping down to graduation ceremonies at Royal Farms Arena–yes, it’s called that, and yes, I got to lock up on the fence right in front while everyone else was stuck waiting in traffic to find a way to pay $20 for a parking spot–and riding to SoWeBo Fest in West Baltimore for the first funnel cake of the season. Vacation has been oh so lovely, and I’m sad to see it come to an end, though it certainly won’t mean an end to biking around.
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Beer Pong at the Fly

Beer Pong at the FlyMy little sister is in town, and that has meant more driving than I’m used to, but also the chance to take my family on some of my favorite routes.  I missed yesterday’s bicycle pub crawl (you know I wish I’d been there, Randy), but today I got to ride up Chestnut, around Audubon Park, and up on the Fly to see the Mississippi River.  Continue reading