Candy Bars at the Discount Zone on Magazine & Washington

So I took a picture on my ride home tonight, but it wasn’t in my phone when I got home, so let me describe it for you. It was a picture of row after row of candy bars at the Discount Zone on Magazine and Washington, so many choices. I stopped there on my way home from the show, following a whole lot of dancing with students and friends and a couple of slices of pizza. The ride home was perfect–slow, fresh asphalt on Magazine, cool night air, empty streets. I’ve stopped at the Discount Zone so many times after nights just like this one, and sometimes the vast array of choices is dizzying–even if it is all kind of just the same couple things over and over again in different shapes–but tonight I knew just what I wanted: a Kit Kat. Not the white chocolate one or the dark chocolate one, and not the King Size one either, though I hovered over that one for a a hot minute–just give me a regular old Kit Kat. That’s what I wanted. And next time I forget, please remind me that along with Kit Kats and nighttime bicycle rides, I also want to dance. What a lovely evening.

Men at the House of Blues

Men at House of BluesAfter spending some time fixing Rhoda’s back wheel, I hopped on and rode down to the Treme to meet D. and R. before we headed to the House of Blues for a show. The weather is just plain perfect right now–cool but not cold, breezy but not windy, and clear as a bell. I just flew downtown, and was excited to turn right back around, two other bike riders in tow, to head back to Decatur. Continue reading