View Down the Sidewalk on Penn Street in Ridgely’s Delight

View Down the Sidewalk on Penn Street in Ridgely's DelightI was still feeling pretty terrible on Thursday, but I wasn’t about to miss class after all the snow days we had last month, so I went ahead and suited up (i.e. put on clothes that weren’t pajamas) for the morning ride down the hill to the shuttle to work. It felt amazing, even if a bit chilly, to ride without leggings on, the morning breeze on bare legs. Yep, I’m still dressing aspirationally–for the weather I want, not the weather I have, though I don’t think weather has anything to do with health, so whatever. I locked up to the now almost full bike racks at the University of Maryland Medical Center, and then walked up the few blocks to meet N. for the ride to work. Continue reading

Brick Row Houses at Melvin & Emory In Ridgely’s Delight

Brick Row Houses at Melvin & EmoryOk, just two weather-related things: 38 degrees is a whole lot easier on the toes that 20 degrees, and please, Baltimore, turn down the wind machines. Anyway. It was a sunny day, dry roads, and I happily hopped on the bike and sped down the hill and over to Canton for another swimming lesson. After some practice with the breaststroke (Rob says I have naturally good timing, not that I’m bragging or anything) it was back on the bike for a ride to the west side to meet S. for lunch and a chat about what she does, what I do, and how we might do a thing or two together. Continue reading

Tree Growing From a Balcony on Hamburg Between W. Ostend & Bayard

After a long morning in bed nursing an insomnia hangover, it was time to get on the bike and head out into the sunshine of another perfect fall day. I headed over to Hampden for lunch and then back downtown along the Jones Falls Trail. I stopped to check out the scene at Falls Road and ran into my downstairs neighbor, a fellow bike enthusiast. He was heading out on his bike with no destination in particular just like I was, and it was the perfect day for that. Continue reading