Row Houses at Montford & Eager

Row Houses at Montford & EagerI’m not going to lie, when the alarms went off at 5:30 this morning I would have been happy to turn them off and go straight back to sleep. But no, I dragged myself out of bed, put on yesterday’s damp riding costume, and headed downstairs to the easy carb loading offered by the Holiday Inn Express complimentary breakfast–thanks, Jackie, for putting it out early for us! We got on buses for a ride over the bridge before collecting our bikes, slathering on sunscreen, and putting air in our tires.
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Blighted Row Houses at Madison & Montford

Blighted Houses at Madison & MontfordIt was still super cold out today, but the roads were dry, so I happily took the bike out for my ride down the hill and to the left, to Canton, for a swim lesson. Also, I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the Ravens won the Super Bowl, and Baltimore is officially The Greatest City in America, so I wanted to ride around and see what all the fuss is about. Continue reading

Blighted Row House at Fulton & Saratoga


I needed to get a bike ride in today, but I had an early meeting and a late meeting followed by evening plans, so…I put the bike on my car, drove to work, and rode the bike home. It was bright and sunny when I headed to work, but gloomy and sputtering when I left. Never start a ride in the rain is my usual, but if I dodnt get a pedal in today, I was most certainly not going to be good company tonight, so I hopped on the bike with my bare legs and hoped for the best. The rain kept falling faster, so I spent most of my ride concentrating on. Safety-break carefully and not on shiny bits (road striping, metal grates, etc.) and assume cars can’t see you. By the time I took my left on Fulton I was ready to concider sidewalks, what with the soggy rush hour. I noticed this broken door at Fulton & Saratoga as I slowed down in search of a curb cut. I peeked inside and it looked like the whole place had just caved in on itself. I wonder when this happened. Was anyone hurt? Was someone sad in that way you get sad when home is suddenly nowhere? What’s the story here? Every one of these vacants has a story, at least 58,000 of them, and I only noticed this particular one because I was on bike, looking. Yep, even in the rain the bike was a good choice today. I continued on, made a stop for wine with friends, and then rode on home, feeling pretty lucky that I get to ride a bike in this place.

Red House at 29th & St. Paul

I meant for today’s ride to take me to Hampden for a little shopping and some coffee, but instead it took me around the neighborhood, trying not to feel to sick and tired for a bike ride. I walked slowly slowly, pushing the bike past row house after row house. But they aren’t all row houses here. Sometimes they’re like this red and stone gingerbread house on the corner of 29th and St. Paul. I turned the corner, and I was back to row houses, but the painted ladies with all their cornices and stuff, not the plain-fronted ones on Maryland, built after row houses were big money. Aesthetic injustice, it’s a scourge. I made it home, put the bike away, and tucked myself in. Tomorrow’s another day, for another ride.