Exposed Pipe at Octavia and St. Charles

I have never lived in a town that wears as much of its skeleton on the outside as this place. There are the literal skeletons in their above-ground tombs scattered all over the city, but there is also the skeleton of infrastructure–outfrastructure?–that’s always poking through the surface. Continue reading

Delicious New Asphalt at St. Charles and Louisiana

Beautiful Asphalt at St. Charles and LouisianaIt is so, so humid here. I know, I know–that’s New Orleans. But really people, it’s crazy humid here lately. When I rode to the coffee shop today it was pouring rain, but then it stopped and the sun came out and the steam was rising. I headed down to the Treme for drinks with friends tonight, and as soon as I pulled the Surly out of my air conditioned apartment¬† my glasses fogged up and my handlebars were wet with condensation. Continue reading