A Satsuma On a Tree at East Drive & Patton

After yesterday’s 80 degree day, the weather positively turned this morning. Big clouds, thunder, rain, and a good 25 degree drop. It’s a good thing I’ll ride in anything, because my car is in the shop and I have places to be. I did the usual rides–down Prytania for a doctor’s appointment, up St. Charles to the office, but by the time my day was over, I was itching for something else. I rode through the park in daylight to see what the fountains look like not all lit up. The path was surprisingly empty, so I just pedaled against the wind until I hit the zoo, where I did a loop to see if maybe I could see some zoo animal heads poking over the fences. Continue reading

Cardboard Box In An Open Manhole on Upper Magazine

Open Manhole at Magazine and NinthI spent a lovely Sunday afternoon taking it easy and taking care of things around the house. My car is still living with J., so I took Jack to the grocery store, one pannier for perishables, the other for dry goods. There is a distinct pleasure in the task ride, especially on a lazy task day like today. Continue reading