Fuck Prisons Graffiti on Jeff Davis and I10

Fuck Prisons GraffittiThis town, like any town worth its salt, is covered in graffiti. Some of it is deemed interesting enough to get covered on blogs and in the local paper, like the “Think That You Might Be Wrong” signs posted all over town. Those signs are considered by many to be thought provoking and interesting, when they aren’t being accused of being condescending eyesores. Continue reading

Graffiti at Race and Magazine

Graffiti at Race and MagazineTonight’s ride took me to dinner with A. and K. and then over to the coffee shop for a delightfully lazy evening of chatter in the cool(ish) breeze. My knees are feeling the pain these days, so it was good to take a day with only light riding. I snapped this picture of graffiti on the corner of Race and Magazine. Continue reading