Chinese Takeout on Magazine

Chinese Take-Out on MagazineI rode my bike to work today with a lot on my mind, so I wasn’t seeing much but the traffic around me as I zipped up St. Charles. Today’s class was about sexual violence. This is always a tough class because so many of us have such intimate experiences of violence. Continue reading

Emergency Phone at Tulane

Emergency Phone at TulaneWell, I am back to the blog following a Mardi Gras break.  I was on my bike all weekend, but out late, tired, and often a touch too intoxicated to blog.  I lost a tooth to some parade beads and took a nasty fall on Decatur Street that left me with a concussion, but all in all, it was a fantastic time.  If you haven’t done Mardi Gras in New Orleans, you are missing out.  Bring your bike–it made the whole event much more fun to navigate, plus it’s fun to decorate both bike and rider.  I spent Mardi Gras day tooling around in a prom dress.  Now that’s a fun way to ride a bike.

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