Bicycles in the Rain

It has been really hot in New Orleans lately, but I love it. I used to think I didn’t like the heat, didn’t like the way there’s no way to cool down when it’s hot like that. I was wrong. I love the heat, and I love the way I’m sweaty all the time, just like everyone else, and that the air is almost chewy. And when the rain comes? Well, in other places the rain cools it down, but here it just makes the city steam, my glasses fog, and the sweat stick harder. But not today. Today the rain cooled things off, I think because it was late in the day and the sun was on its way down, no time to reheat this latest batch of moisture. I watched the rain from inside Flora, a coffee shop in the Marigny that A. brought me to. It was lovely to sit and listen as the rain pelted our bikes, knowing it would stop in time for a much cooler and wetter ride home. That ride went awry, but that is for a different blog. Here I simply want to say: it is never too hot to bike, and bring on the rain. I’m thrilled to ride through anything.

4 thoughts on “Bicycles in the Rain

  1. We had big storms last night too, around 9pm so it cooled things off. (Unlike you, I’m not consistently hot enough to have adjusted to what we just endured.) It was pretty amazing to feel the sudden drop in temperature like that.

  2. you’re right….*scratches head thoughtfully*….the air *is* chewy. that’s it exactly.

    i know just what you mean about the heat, man. i complain about it but i love it.

  3. It will only be 61 today in Boise and it SNOWED at the airport last night for a few minutes setting a new record replacing one from 1904. 5″ of snow in McCall last night. Still the tomatoes and flowers are growing like crazy apparently enjoying the rises and falls in temp. It will be 85 by Saturday and we are going to Jackpot. It has been 6 weeks and I still have my gambling incentive check from the government to spend in the best way possible.

  4. Hi, this is Alana, friend of Emily. I’m so glad you posted about what it was like at Flora during the rainstorm.

    I used to live 3-4 blocks away from Flora, on Rampart Street. My partner & I would go there on hot nights to escape our non-air-conditioned house (sometimes this worked, other times Flora was just as hot as our place, full of other sweaty people seeking relief). I drank many cold cans of diet coke while sitting & reading or eavesdropping on conversations in the back room that summer.

    I have a hard time describing what the air in nola feels like in the summer, but I think chewy is perfect. We complained about it a lot when we lived there, but sometimes I miss the feeling of stepping out of our front door & into that atmosphere.

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