Southern Decadence at Bourbon and St. Ann

Yesterday was the first day of classes and I was excited to ride my bike to school. Until her chain popped off twice and her steering became mysteriously twisted. It was time to take her to the shop for some TLC. Five years of heavy riding and life on the hot and humid Gulf Coast haven’t been terribly kind. I was devastated to hear that they’d need to keep her for a week and a half. That’s far too much time without riding. Fortunately, my dear friend N. has lent me her bike to tide me over. And tonight I rode. And rode and rode and rode. You may have heard about a hurricane headed our way, which means that everyone is on edge, anxious, waiting to see when, if and how we’ll all leave this place. This weekend is Southern Decadence, though, a celebration of gay life in the south. This is one serious party, and it’s looking as if it’ll have no place to go. But people are here and dancing on Bourbon and St. Ann. Because we don’t know what’s coming. We have to wait and see. So I will ride my borrowed bike until I am told to leave, and these folks will celebrate loudly and deservedly until they’re told to leave too. I was happy to be out with everyone tonight, remembering that we are still ourselves and we are not even close to lost.

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