Bus Stop at Freret and Cadiz

Sometimes I really don’t understand the rebuilding priorities in this place.  There is so much to be done.  Just today on my ride home from work I passed a decaying house with missing doors exposing a moldy high chair, stacks of old newpapers, and a spare bike tire that particularly caught my eye.  Yes, this many years out from Katrina and houses still look like this.  Uptown.  Sure, a lot of thing have gotten a whole lot better.  The public transportation system is better than a year ago when I moved  here.  The streetcar line is working, anyway.  My friend A. used to take the bus to work–she always made sure she had money for a cab.  Because sometimes she’d wait for a few minutes, and other times, after a good hour, she just gave up.  I think that’s why this modern bus stop on Freret and Cadiz strikes me as so out of place.  It’s practically a piece of art, what with its sustainable wood frame and modern steely seats that look just uncomfortable enough to be contemporary.  I’ve never actually seen someone waiting for the bus on this corner, though surely folks do.  But I’ve seen the crowds down on North Rampart and Canal, sitting on the ground, leaning against buildings, waiting for the bus.  It’s an odd priority, this one little bus stand on this one little corner.  Me?  I’m sticking with my bike.  And A. got herself one too.

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