Do Not Sit On Steps at 41st & Edgehill


Friday’s ride took me an easy couple miles up the hill and over to Hampden for my monthly book club discussion and snackfest, this time hosted by S. ans A., who dressed in colonial garb in keeping with the historical novel’s time period and theme. I felt underdressed in my uniform of skirt and tank top, and overtired from a really long week at work, but once I got on my bike and headed out, I caught my third of fourth wind of the day. I rode my usual Hampden route, stopped for a bottle of wine, and then rode with some traffic on 41st before locking up to a bus stop sign on a residential streets. This sign was affixed there too, reminding riders not to sit down in a residential neighborhood, because that’s private property. I wonder how many Hampden neighborhood petitions, phone trees, transit meetings and emails had to be exchanged for this sign to be put up there, and I wonder how many daily huffs-n-puffs still happen when people sit down somewhere other than the one bench to wait the legendary wait times that are part of most bus systems. Or maybe nobody around here takes the bus, and it’s not “a problem” yet. Private property, public needs~seems to me that’s the real problem. And then I went inside, ate, talked, laughed, and drank, and then I rode home. Fall weather’s barely teasing, and I was a sweaty mess after just 20 minutes out there. Soon, soon, but for now it’s still hot as blazes.

Desk Chair Locked to a Traffic Pole at Freret and Napoleon

Well, it’s the day after the NFC Championship Game, and everybody’s still in their black and gold. I rode up to campus expecting an empty classroom at 9:30, but lo and behold, there they were, putting the desks in a circle and ready to talk about the gender politics of their Saints viewing parties. Continue reading

Bus Stop at Freret and Cadiz

Sometimes I really don’t understand the rebuilding priorities in this place.  There is so much to be done.  Just today on my ride home from work I passed a decaying house with missing doors exposing a moldy high chair, stacks of old newpapers, and a spare bike tire that particularly caught my eye.  Continue reading